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Meet our team at Booth Author 02 to find out how we can secure your WordPress Website/Application

Exciting Advancements Await You at WordCamp Europe 2024

We are thrilled to announce that we are attending WordCamp Europe 2024. Explore the latest offerings from miniOrange as we showcase our diverse range of WordPress security solutions with our cybersecurity experts.
Meet our team to get in-depth insights into our solutions, and live demos, and learn how we can protect your applications.

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Charting the Future of Cybersecurity:

Join Us at WordCamp Europe!

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"Visit our miniOrange booth to get firsthand experience of our pioneering cybersecurity products and solutions that redefine industry standards and safeguard your digital assets"

- Anirban Mukherji

Founder & CEO, miniOrange.

Meet Our Cybersecurity Experts!

Kalpesh Hiran

Head of Technology &
Senior Architect

Krishna Murari Vijay

Engineering Manager | Global Business Development Head

Shubham Gupta

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

Gaurav Singh

Senior Engineer
(SSO Expert)

Anukasha Singh

Senior Engineer
(SSO Expert)

Avi Saxena

Senior Engineer
(Active Directory Specialist)

Pranav Inamdar

Senior Engineer
(Microsoft Solution Expert)

Abhishek Laddha

Senior Engineer
(API Security Specialist)

Prashant Suwalka

Senior Engineer
(SSO Expert)

Sheroy Rohilla

Business Analyst &
Marketing Executive

About Us

For over 10 years, miniOrange has safeguarded 20,000+ customers' data with top-notch cybersecurity solutions. Our WordPress plugins, including Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), fortify security and streamline user access for your website's protection and ease of management. These tools not only reduce data breach risks, but also enhance user experience, and allow focused business operations.

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