Past Conferences

JUN 13 - JUN 15 | Italy

WordCamp Europe 2024

At WordCamp Europe 2024 in Torino, Italy, the miniOrange team engaged with WordPress experts, participated actively on Contributor Day and showcased our advanced WordPress security products and solutions. The event provided an excellent platform for networking, receiving valuable feedback, and reinforcing our commitment to enhancing WordPress security. Know More

ShopTalk Europe
JUN 3 - JUN 5 | Barcelona

SHOPTALK Europe 2024

Shoptalk Europe 2024 in Barcelona was a fantastic opportunity for miniOrange to present our e-commerce security solutions. We connected with retail industry experts and received significant interest at our booth, underscoring the importance of robust security in online shopping and strengthening our position in the e-commerce security landscape. Know More

EIC Conference
JUN 4 - JUN 7 | Berlin

European Identity and Cloud Conference 2024

We showcased our innovative Identity and Security products at Europe's premier conference on Digital ID, Security, Privacy, and Governance in Berlin. Our Founder and CEO, Mr. Anirban Mukherji, delivered a widely appreciated session on identity theft and consumer fraud, contributing to the vibrant discussions on decentralizing identity by 2030. Know More

MAY 6 - MAY 9 | San Francisco

RSA Conference 2024

At RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco, we engaged with industry leaders, presented our latest security solutions, and formed valuable partnerships. The event focused on enterprise security and innovation, helping us reinforce our position in the cybersecurity landscape and leaving a lasting impression. Know More

MAY 6 - MAY 9 | Portland

DrupalCon Portland 2024

Exhibiting at DrupalCon Portland 2024, we connected with loyal clients and influential Drupal figures. Our cybersecurity solutions received high praise, reaffirming our industry leadership. The insights and partnerships gained will drive future innovations and collaborations within the Drupal community. Know More

APR 30 - MAY 2 | Las Vegas

Atlassian Team’24

Participating in Atlassian Team'24 in Las Vegas, we engaged in insightful discussions and showcased our Atlassian security solutions. Over four dynamic days, we connected with a diverse audience, enhancing our understanding of the latest developments in the Atlassian ecosystem. Know More

APR 23 - APR 25 | Dubai

GISEC Global 2024

At GISEC 2024 in Dubai, 56 miniOrange cybersecurity experts showcased diverse security products. Our dual presence with RAS Infotech and participation in the Dark Stage sessions helped us connect with a wide range of professionals, resellers, and local partners, addressing various security challenges. Know More

MAR 25 - MAR 27 | Canberra

Australian Cyber Conference 2024

During three incredible days in Canberra at AISA Cybercon '24, we interacted with numerous industry experts and stalwarts. These conversations were pivotal in paving the way for future innovations and growth in cybersecurity. Know More

FEB 22 - FEB 23 | Pune

IdentityShield Summit ‘24

The Identity Shield Summit '24 in Pune brought together the global miniOrange community. This landmark event featured C-suite professionals, marketing heads, employees, and students, fostering deep engagement within the cybersecurity domain over two insightful days. Know More

DEC 4 - DEC 7 | London

Black Hat Europe 2023

Our participation in Black Hat Europe 2023 in London allowed us to network with the brightest minds in IT and cybersecurity. The event provided a unique platform to explore the latest trends and innovations, enhancing our knowledge and industry connections.

World Blockchain Summit
Nov 2023 | Dubai

World Blockchain Summit (WBS)

Attending the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, we explored the transformative power of blockchain technology. Networking with industry experts and thought leaders, we gained valuable insights into the latest innovations reshaping various industries.

Nov 2023 | Mumbai

Atlassian High Velocity ITSM

The Atlassian Community Mumbai Chapter Conference was pivotal for exploring the future of the Atlassian ecosystem. We engaged in insightful presentations on Jira and Confluence, fostering connections and highlighting our impact in the security domain within the Atlassian Marketplace.

OCT 17 - OCT 18 | Krakow, Poland

Atlassian JIRA Day'23

At Jira Day in Krakow, we showcased miniOrange products, collaborated with distributors and resellers, and gained insights into market gaps. Our efforts in marketing our IDP and cross-selling aimed to build trust across the Jira ecosystem.

OCT 17 - OCT 20 | France

Drupal Con 2023

We participated in DrupalCon 2023 in Lille, France, where we joined the Drupal community to showcase our cutting-edge solutions. The event was an excellent opportunity to connect with industry professionals and drive future innovations.

OCT 6 | Ahmedabad

BSides 2023

At Security BSides Ahmedabad Chapter 2023, we delved into web application security and unveiled next-gen authentication and cybersecurity solutions. The event was a fantastic platform to engage with the community and showcase our latest advancements.

APR 24 - APR 27 | San Francisco

RSA Conference 2023

The RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco offered an eye-opening experience with sessions on emerging cybersecurity trends and threats. This learning opportunity was invaluable for enhancing our cybersecurity strategies. 
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APR 18 - APR 20 | Las Vegas

Atlassian Team'23

At Team'23 in Las Vegas, we received positive engagement from potential leads and established partners. The event provided an excellent platform for connecting with high-profile visitors from government agencies and major companies.
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MAR 14 - MAR 16 | Dubai

GISEC Global Dubai 2023

Our booth was a focal point at GISEC Global 2023 in Dubai, attracting numerous visitors. The event was marked by excitement and valuable interactions with customers, reinforcing our presence in the cybersecurity industry.

Nov 14- Nov 16 2022 | Kochi

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Kochi brought together vendors and buyers to discuss emerging technologies, security products, and business trends. Networking with industry professionals was a highlight, providing insights for future developments.

JiraCon 2022
SEP 29 - SEP 30 | Online

JiraCon 2022

As a sponsor of JiraCon 2022, we teamed up with Trundl for the biggest Jira Community event of the year. The online event allowed us to connect with the community and explore new opportunities within the Jira ecosystem.

RSA conference 2022
June 6 - June 9 | San Francisco

RSA Conference 2022

At RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco, we gained expert insights into current and future cybersecurity concerns. The event empowered us to enhance our cybersecurity posture with innovative ideas and unbiased content.

Atlassian Team 2022
APR 7 | Bangalore

Atlassian teams 2022

The virtual Atlassian Teams 2022 event in Bangalore was an enriching experience. Interacting with Atlassian Community Leader Sandesi Nagaraju provided valuable insights, contributing to our growth and understanding of the ecosystem.

RSA conference 2021
May 17- May 20 | Virtual Conference

RSA Conference 2021

Attending RSA Conference 2021 virtually, we focused on gaining insights into the cybersecurity landscape, particularly Zero Trust solutions. The event featured thought leadership from keynote speakers and over 250 insightful sessions.

RSA conference 2020
Feb 24- Feb 28 | San Fransisco

RSA Conference 2020

At RSA Conference 2020, we engaged in discussions on the latest cybersecurity trends. The event facilitated valuable networking and knowledge exchange, contributing to our strategic growth in the cybersecurity domain.

RSA conference 2018
April 16- April 20 | San Fransisco

RSA Conference 2018

At RSA Conference 2018, our team explored various cybersecurity trends, with a focus on ransomware. The increased participation from Asian countries and numerous product exhibitions from network security providers enriched our experience. We engaged in thought-provoking sessions and built fruitful connections, gaining insights to enhance our security products against ransomware attacks.

RSA conference 2014
April 20- April 24 | San Fransisco

RSA Conference 2015

Debuting at RSA Conference 2015, miniOrange was among 400+ exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge security products. The event, filled with passion and enthusiasm, allowed us to forge new connections, collaborate with diverse professionals, and gain fresh insights. We explored unique use cases and were inspired to develop custom solutions for various industries.

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